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Special page. A collection of ads: All females listed below are bi-sexual.

Ticket# 2541Tes    Teresa D.   d/o/b - April 22, 1967
Davis Rd. - Summit, NY 12175

Ticket# 2540Viv    Vivian.   d/o/b - March 16, 1971
  Washington Ave."studio address" - Winfield Park, NJ 07036

Ticket# 2539Ja+Ma    Jaleesa & Markas  d/o/b - July 10,1978 & Nov. 6,1978
Perch Pond - Nineveh, NY 13813

Ticket# 2538MsMay    Ms. May   d/o/b - Feb 02, 1956
Old State Rd. - Wells, NY 12190

Ticket# 2537Y    Yoshie   d/o/b - Oct 26,1970
Dyer Ave. - New York, NY 10036

Ticket# 2536ad    Adaline   d/o/b - Jun 21,1980
East Hill Rd. - Austerlitz, NY 12107

Ticket# 2535-SHA    Tesha   d/o/b - Sept 02,1964
Bower Rd. - Sand Lake, NY 12153

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