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  Ticket# 2534BE   Belinda   d/o/b -02/02/66
  address- 721 12th St   Blanca, CO  81123    Interest- I enjoy it all. Love nice hard cocks in all my holes. If you are not up to that, hard toys will do just find. 

Ticket# 2533DS   Denise   d/o/b -10/21/81
  address- 3 Brighton Terr.  Broomal, PA 19008  Interest- Chat room queen. Erotic pleasure for both you and I.  I'll show you mind if you show me your's.

Ticket#2532EG   Ellena   d/o/b -05/19/77
  address- 445 E Mail St  Barrington, IL 60010     Interest- Working on becoming a top model but not doing very well. I figure I just need to net work with the right contacts to get my first big break. Executive who are in a position to help me out or know someone to help me, I'll do anything you ask.

Ticket#2531RD   Red   d/o/b - 09/13/72
  address- 117 Olde James Court  Williamsburg, VA 23185    Interest- I like it tender or wild as long as no pain is involved. I can do French on both sexes. Threesomes with couples can last all night just taking turns doing each other. 

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