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Ticket# 2485Peg       Peggy Haggerty
  Rennsselare,NY   12144   d/o/b - Dec 10,1959
   I'm very bi and love both men and women. I love to be on all fours with a cock in my pussy while I'm spending lots of time between another woman's legs.

Ticket# 2484Olv      Olivia Polsinelli
Schenectady, NY 12303   d/o/b - Jun 30,1971
   Shy and inexperienced, but I want to learn. Are you that special swinger who can show me. Couples most welcome. Most of my fantasies include another woman.

Ticket# 2483Miki      Miki Casey
  Petersburg, NY 12138   d/o/b - Sept 16,1962
   Divorced from a Navy guy, left here in the North East. Straight female who enjoys being the center of attention. Three and me works well. I learned well by entertaining my Ex and a couple of his friends.

Ticket# 2482Lon       Lonnie Liburdi
  Watervliet, NY 12189   d/o/b - Apr. 6,1973
   Single female. Long dark hair, big brown eyes and long legs. How does that sound? How about if I say, "I'm a great tease." Love prolong strip type games. (Strip poker is easy to play but I'm not very good at it. I keep loosing.)

Ticket# 2481Lav      Lavette Vincent
Chatham, NY 12037   d/o/b - Nov.21,1963
   Happiest when my tiny tits are played with until I'm horny as hell. Then you need to eat my wet pussy till I cum. If done right, it will be your turn to lay back and enjoy. I love sucking on smaller soft cocks. In time they will grow to a nice fit able size in my mouth. Safe sex is oral sex.

Ticket# 2480Gew-D      Gwen Dugan & Daryl
Albany, NY 12203   d/o/b - Feb. 10, 1977
    We enjoy corresponding with and trading photos with bi sexuals. I have been bi since I was a teenager and taught to love other women by my aunt Daryl before I experienced my first male lover. We both enjoy masturbating together while we fuel that fire with E-mail from others. We also collect toys, plastic or rubber thillers.

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