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Ticket# 2458v   Vicki Aspend
Delmar, NY  12054    d/o/b - June 17,1962 Submissive to my friend and lover Melanie. I please her by having oral sex with several males in her presence. 

Ticket# 2456d Dee Rodriguez
Albany, NY 12206  d/o/b - Mar. 21,1961 Student nurse, first year in this country seeking male lovers of my own.
All my life I have had to settle for "hand me downs" from my older sister.

Ticket# 2454mo   Mollie Rodriguez
Albany, NY 12208   d/o/b - Jan. 08,1958 Third year in Albany NY as a professional nurse. Seeking professional light skinned males. Occasionally will double date with younger sister.

Ticket# 2452cc   Clio Craig
 Niskyna, NY 12309  d/o/b - Sept. 16,1976 Single and seeking look term relationship. This photo is misleading.
I'm really a T-shirt and cutoff type of gal.

Ticket# 2450sph  Sophia L.
Sayreville, NJ 08872 (Bordentown Ave.)   d/o/b - Feb. 14,1978..  Married to older spouse and swinging alone with
couples and single in my age group.

Ticket# 2448he  Helen
Gatlinburg, TN 37738   d/o/b - April 11, 1966 I'm wasting away doing it by myself. Toys just don't get me there. Will you help? I'm not sure if I'm bisexual, but I have thought about it while practicing self love.

Ticket# 2446anit   Anita with/ Jack
Pineville, NC 28134   d/o/b - Dec 14, 1960 Married black female with white lover seeking others who will allow Jack to get the action on video tape. .

       Ticket# 2445s&p+c
Wakefield, MA 01880   Threesome seeking others to join with us. Straight male and bi-females. We love hot sex at least once a day, usually out doors. Sex on the side of the road with cars speeding by.

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