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Ticket #2016tif     Tiffany
MacGregor House - MIT - Cambridge,MA 02139

I'm a model and I swing on the side. I do theme photos & videos such as; "college dorm, cheerleader, lingerie." I do nudes and hard core stuff with and for men- (one on one) only.
DOB 01/24/1978 5'3" 105# 36Cx22x34..

Ticket # 1425B. Busty Cooperstown,NY 13326
DOB 07/72 5'4 125 lbs.
Topless is my style. Interested in private dancing. Thinking about swinging as a couple.

Ticket #1227sl. Sandra Lee Scotia,NY 12302
DOB 2/13/51 5'6" 130# Seeking very submissive sex-slaves. Willing to train novice. Male or Females. All limits considered.

Ticket #1226tml. Tina Marie L. Quaker S, NY 12141
DOB 09/02/63 5'2" 110# 36x26x34 I'm seeking a stand-up type of guy who will treat me as an equal, when not over his knee. A complete servitude relationship is possible. Will accept firm but loving discipline. If you are serious, send a descriptive message.

Ticket #1225vb. Vanessa B. Duanesburg, NY 12056
DOB 08/22/65 Tall 5'7" 125# Fun loving and adventures SWF. Blonde. I enjoy and seek outdoor daytime activities and romance filled evenings. Couples w/bi-females, single Bi-females and single-males, please send contact me.

Nancy Ticket #1208n. Nancy Schoharie,NY 12157
DOB 05/24/59 Sgl,White Female 5'1" 139 38x27x40.. I have a big interest in finding out more about the swinging life-style, as a couple. I hate attending club parties as a single-female. If you are a member we can couple-up, but once inside I'm still free to do my own thing.

Ticket #1170km. Kit Marshall Scotia,NY 12302
5'2" 138# Willing and ready to meet.. Send a personal message for hot reply..

Ticket #1147mn.
DOB 11/11/72 5'4" 101# Divorced parent with shared custody, willing to entertain while daughter is away. Straight-males & Bi_sexual females accepted. Not seeking E-mail pen_pals.

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