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Ticket #0902mw. Mary Wells.. Gallupville,NY 12074
Birth date 03/30/56 5'8" 160# 38Dx34x37 Maybe, I'm not totally happy, Yet. I have found men who didn't know how to eat pussy. I've always found time to teach them. Well, what do you think? Are you willing to make me totally complete? I meet new members at the club. I have considered my self as a submissive to this point, but I'm slowly changing and becoming more aggressive. Kinky-sex is what I'm into. The collection of JPG files, I submitted with this ad show my interest. Bi-sexual? I'm willing to receive ONLY.

Ticket #0886zv. Zoe & Nick. Avon.NY 14414
Couples Ad: Swingers with lots of class while in public. Dinner, Dancing and Theater. She is a slut whore once in your bed. (jpg files attached). Seeking Couples, bi-females and very selected single-males.

Ticket #0689ca. Cynthia. New York 10511
Birth-date 03/05/69; Bisexual single female w/boyfriend- Ht. 5'3" Wt.123# 36x25x37 Blonde hair , blue eyed
Ad copy: Look at me. Never would I even sunbathe in the nude till I joined CCI. Please enter my personal ad. I have enclosed skinny dipping photos and more.

Ticket #0505sl Sheryl Luckens, Delanson,NY 12053
Single-parent, White, 5'8" 154Lbs., 38Cx33x40 DOB-07/21/66 I'm into swinging because I love, woman's power. To excite a male's passion, prolong his climax then tenderly relax him. We all have a deep need to be intimate with others. If people would just let it flow, we would all be much happier, more fulfilled and never alone. Share with me..

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