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Ticket #0500cw. Cindy Wilson.. Albany,NY 12202
DOB 03/05/73 Black sgl-female.. 5'9" 121 lbs. 32 x 24 x 32 Ad copy: "Bi female, I work the second shift so my love life is the pits. My days off are mid-week, is there any way for us to meet? 

Ticket #0391tb. Toni Berretti Quaker,NY 12141
DOB- Jan 10,1958 5'6" 134lbs 35x30x36
Explore the wonders of romantic love. Our adventure will start with a trail weekend. My needs are simply- love, sexual fulfillment and security. Send E-mail for reply.

Ticket #0380jk. Joyce Kettler Gallupville,NY 12073
Birth date 12/2/65 Black divorced female. 5'4" 136# 40x32x36 One-nighters can be a great release for sexual tension, but I think a woman who shows her feelings to her man and vice versa is a greater turn-on for both. Lets make it a weekend?

Ticket #0340rf. Rusty Frazer Duanesburg, NY 12056
Female advertiser, DOB 10/17/54, 5'8" 144# 34Bx28x36.. Panty size 8, Shoes 9-C. Divorced, with daughter but free on weekends. Can entertain on Saturday nights, in the Albany, NY area.
My promise; "I won't expect perfection from either of us. I will listen to all you need to tell me. I will believe in your dreams and do my best to be enthusiastic." You can have your so-called principals or you can have me. You have to make up your mind which you want.

Ticket# 0336cr. Carla Ross.., New City, NY 10956
Female,w/child, DOB= 01/14/44 White, 5'4" , 154 Lbs., 38C x 38 x 40.. I know, it must be difficult but, you've reached a significant milestone by stopping to read my ad. You have every reason to share your achievements with me. Who knows what may develop?
My breast and nipples need to be bitten while held in your firm grip.

Ticket# 0161cm Candice Morceccd Schenectady, NY 12304
Birth-date 6/27/68; Single female Ht. 5'8" Wt.129# 36x28x34 Blonde hair , blue eyed Ad copy: Touching & kissing. Have you forgotten how much of a turn-on that can be? Mature adults who know how to be tender with my feelings & warm to my needs may reply. 

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